Post Construction Cleaning Services

Dirt Devils provides professional cleaning services customized to your specific cleaning needs. We specialize in post construction cleaning. Let us know what kind of post construction project you need cleaning services for, and we will customize our cleaning services to meet your expectations. We offer all phases of post construction cleaning: post construction cleaning (rough), final cleaning (2nd clean), wipe downs, puff, final walk through cleaning, inspection cleanings. Standard scope of work listed below, however if there is anything additional that needs to be done lets discuss it and we will accommodate.

*Cleaning Supplies & Equipment Provided by Dirt Devils Inc- unless otherwise requested

Post Construction Clean

  • Remove construction dust
  • Vacuum all areas
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Vacuum & damp mop hard surface floors
  • Vacuum exterior HVAC registers /floor registers
  • Baseboards & woodwork clean
  • Wash windows, window frames, tracks, sills
  • Remove overspray/glue from glass
  • Exterior doors, thresholds, sliding glass doors, frames, tracks clean
  • Clean bathroom tile areas, tubs, showers, shower enclosures, toilets
  • Clean countertops, backsplash, shelves
  • Cabinets-clean inside out/top of cabinets and vanities
  • Sinks clean
  • Mirrors clean
  • Closets-clean fronts & inside
  • Clean and polish all plumbing fixtures & trim
  • Light fixtures
  • Clean & polish appliances
  • Remove protective coverings, interior packaging, labels-remaining on appliances, fixtures, cabinets, vanities, windows as well as label residue
  • Fireplace-vacuum & wipe
  • Clean/Vacuum-mechanical/electrical room-dust furnace, water heater etc.
  • Remove trash, packaging etc.

Final Clean

Consists of minor re-cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping as it becomes necessary prior to closing. Ensure the unit is move-in ready.

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